Keeping Our Heritage Alive

We connect the future, through the present, with the past. Since 1948, the North Olympic History Center (formerly Clallam County Historical Society), has been dedicated to keeping the history of the North Olympic Peninsula alive. The Center operates three facilities: a research library, an active artifact collection pertaining to Clallam County, and the historic Lincoln School which is currently being restored.

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Hands on History Students Awarded $2500 in Scholarships

2019 scholarship recipientsFrom left: Celbie Karjaleinen (with glasses), Peter Zalenka (red plaid shirt), Aiden Gale (gray plaid shirt)

Three students in the 2019 Hands on History program of the North Olympic History Center were awarded a total of $2500 for their research projects, written papers and displays. To win scholarships, students were evaluated on thier research, written papers, displays and presentations by a panel of judges.

In the Senior Division, Aiden Gail received $1500 scholarship for his project "When the War Put Clallam County to Work, Spruce Division and Railroad."

In the Junior Division, Peter Zalenka won a $500 scholarship for the project on "Skiing In Olympic National Park." Peter won a scholarship in last years' competition for his project on "Ferries of Lake Crescent."

Also in the Junior Division, Celbie Karjaleinen won a $500 scholarship for her project on "Minerva Troy, Artist."

Below are photos of award winners with their project displays.

Aiden Gale with display

Roger Oakes discusses The Spruce Division Railroad with Aiden Gail

                            Peter Zalenka with display

                                                    Peter Zalenka stands by his display about the history of skiing in Olympic National Park

                                                   Celbie Karjaleinen with group

                                                              Celbie Karjaleinen tells a group about the importance of Minerva Troy as an artist in our community


Your Historical Society Connects You

Your Historical Society connects you:

  • To the rich history of Clallam County with educational programs like History Tales and other events
  • Honors personal histories by collecting, preserving, and sharing
  • Makes history a family affair with the Hands on History Program for students in grades 6 - 12
  • Helps you find the answers to your questions with a staffed Research Library
  • Makes history accessible with programs featuring the collectoin's artifacts

Join us and get connected! 


Your Donations Help Preserve Our History

You can help to provide the opportunity for someone to conduct research into our local history, have a 'hands-on' experience with documents and artifacts, or give a student incentive to research and teach our history.

I would like to make a special donation to the North Olympic History Center to help in preserving our Clallam County history. Please use my tax deductible gift of $ for:

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