Board and Staff

CCHS board meeting 8 Sep 2014

CCHS Board meeting at The Museum at the Carnegie

Clockwise from left: Irene Wyman (back to camera), Laurie Davies, Gary Braun, Virginia Fitzpatrick, Charlie Smith, Kay Seed, John Hubbard, Jim Moran, Kathy Rankin, Jim Rankin (hidden), Sandy Keys, Bill Barrett (to right), Nancy Lang, Kathy Monds Estes, Larry Lang (photographer, out of picture)


Kathy Monds 8 Sep 2014

Executive Director, Kathy Monds Estes

Board of Directors 2016-2017

  • President, Bill Barrett
  • Vice President, Jim Rankin
  • Secretary, Kay Seed
  • Treasurer, Jim Moran
  • Gary Braun, Director
  • Laurie Davies, Director
  • Kathy Rankin, Director
  • Irene Wyman, Director
  • Virginia Fitzpatrick, Director
  • Sandy Keys, Director
  • Charlie Smith, Director
  • Larry Lang, Director
  • John McNutt, Director
  • Patrick Noonan, Director

Advisory Members

  • Janine Bowchop
  • Rod Fleck
  • Elaine Grinnell
  • Jamie Valadez

Board Meetings

The second Monday of every month, 12 noon, Museum at the Carnegie, Second and Lincoln, Port Angeles. Members are welcome.

Staff Volunteers

  • Research Librarian, Dona Cloud
  • Books, Eve Datisman
  • Exhibits, Position Open
  • Archives, Alice Alexander
  • Maps, Bonnie Wilson
  • Photo Archivist, Kay Seed
  • Collections Manager, Mikki Burup
  • Garage Sale, Maxine Miller
  • Vertical Files, Phyllis Wheeler
  • Website and Facebook Manager, Larry Lang
  • History Tales Coordinators, Jim and Kathy Rankin
  • Registrar, Irene Wyman
Greeter and Tour Guides
  • Alice Alexander
  • Nancy Hilt
  • Creta Hendricks
  • Lavonne Huffman
  • Irene Wyman
  • Peggy Norris


Donations are Welcome

I would like to make a special donation to the Clallam County Historical Society to help in preserving our Clallam County history. Please use my tax deductible gift of $ for:

The Lincoln School Project
Artifact Collection
Wherever you need it most