Lincoln School Project

Future Home of the Clallam County Museum and Resource Center.

                                  Lincoln School 2

Lincoln School was built in 1916 and served the community of Port Angeles as a grade school until it was closed in 1978. It was vacant and destined to be razed when purchased by the Clallam County Historical Society in 1991.

Years of neglect had taken their toll on the brick building, and volunteers have been working on both restoration and renovation since its purchase. Fundraisers and dedicated volunteers at the Society have financed and physically upgraded the building to its current level. Some of the major changes have been a new roof, earthquake retrofitting and replacement of wooden floors with concrete on the street level.

The next phase of renovation includes installing the electricity, plumbing, sprinkler and heating systems. This is an expense the Society cannot meet without help. We are applying for grants for these improvements but matching funds will be needed, and we will rely on businesses and individuals in the community who share our goals to make the Lincoln School  an historical resource center for all of Clallam County and beyond.

When completed, The Lincoln School complex will house the Museum, Research Library, Artifact Storage and Administrative Office.

The Lincoln School site is also home to two buildings in addition to the school under restoration. One of these, originally built as a gym for Lincoln School, is now use for artifact storag and administrative offices. The other building, the Research Library, is currnently undergoing significant renovation and remodelling.

If you are interested in delving into your own family history or the history of Clallam County, visit the Lincoln School Project to watch our building progress. While we are renovating, we are still assisting people with their research interests, so don’t hesitate to call, email us, or drop in for assistance. We’re here to help.

Following are photos of the Research Library restoration work in progress.

 DSC0145 600x400     DSC0102 600x400

A 'before' photo of the Research Library                         Maxine, Susan & Dona start to pack stuff up prior to demo.

 DSC0104 600x400     DSC0108 600x400

Architect Charlie Smith marks walls to be removed.         The old pink sink is coming out; windows will be replaced.

 DSC0174 400x600     DSC0181 600x400

Volunteers Larry Berson marks electrical wires to remain, while Carl Strunk begins demolishing a wall.

 DSC0185 600x400     DSC0194 600x400

One wall completely removed, another opened up ready for adding pocked doors.

 DSC0198 600x400     DSC0810 600x400 2

The pink sink and counter are gone!                 Work begins on setting forms for the footing of the new entryway.

 DSC0819 400x600    DSC0825 600x400

A worker with Feeley Construction prepared to remove the old windows. The stemwall for the new entry.

 DSC0829 600x400    DSC0836 640x427

Framing for the new windows is being prepared.               Some of the old windows are not to be replaced.

 DSC0840 640x427    DSC0843 1024x676

The finished foundation; a worker screwing down the decking on the new entry.

 DSC0847 640x427    DSC0852 640x385

A worker mesures for some new cabinet framing while another cuts the concrete for a ramp.

 DSC0858 640x459    DSC1145 640x427

Preparing framing for the new concrete ramp.                Rough framing for service counters.

20131231 130154 800x600    DSC0943 800x646

The finished concrete access ramp.                              Rough framing for the new entry.

 DSC1270 640x470   DSC1275 640x515

The new entry partly sided.                                         Bill Feeley of Feeley Construction, our general contractor.

 DSC1283 421x640   DSC1288 640x399

Two of the Feeley crew installing the new front door.      The finished access ramp.

 DSC1296 427x640   DSC1704 640x427

Executive Director Kathy Monds receives the new door keys.  Framing for counters and inner entrance area

 DSC1706 640x427   DSC1822 640x427

Ready for paint and exterior lighting.                             Sheetrock going up on the new framing.

 DSC1826 427x640   DSC1830 640x418

Sheetrock being screwed to the framing.                       A bad problem with the ceiling being repaired.

 DSC1832 640x427   DSC1833 640x427

Nancy Lang checks out the finished drywall.

 DSC1835 640x427   DSC1842 800x533

New windows installed where the pink sink counter was.  Metal corners being installed prior to taping the drywall.

 DSC1843 800x533   DSC1851 800x533

Ceiling ready to be taped.                                            Larry Berson, our master painter, discusses the project.

 DSC1852 800x533   DSC1865 800x533

Finished taping, ready for paint.                                   Larry Berson give a show and tell to staff: finished painting!

 DSC1892 800x533   DSC1893 800x533

Installing electrical outlets: done; next: ceiling lights.    The view over what will become the visitor service counter.

 DSC1897 800x533   DSC1898 800x533

Old flooring removed ready to resurface old hardwood.  Precursor of what visitors will see upon entry.



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